Pole Jams

Pole Jams

Pole Fitness classes are great but once you've gained experience, there are times when you just want to practice without following set class agenda.

Perhaps you're preparing for a photoshoot, or working on some new moves that you don’t have enough space for at home. Or maybe you just want the motivation of fellow polers!

A Pole Jam is a kind of like a party! There are no instructions and the sessions are usually free however, you may be asked to contribute to expenses such as space rental, drinks and food.

Pole Jams are a group freestyle, and attendees can rehearse their routines for each other.

While pole jams are interactive sessions, it’s important not to show up expecting a free Pole Fitness class, especially if an instructor is present. In a Pole Jam, everyone is equal regardless of their experience or skill level.

It's a chance to just have some fun!

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