Yoga Stretch and Mobility

Yoga stretch

A wonderful class designed for all, to help those looking to stay mobile and increase flexibility. Our Yoga Instructor, Tara, is like no other and her teaching skills and approach to yoga are refreshing and inviting.

Her classes focus on developing an understanding of the alignment within postures, encouraging the engagement of key muscles in postures that will build a foundation of strength and flexibility and also understanding how to make use of the postures to gain the most of their practical benefits.

She is passionate about how yoga offers space for the mind and body to reconnect and rebalance. She has been practising yoga for 20 years and is committed to helping others find the inner resources that yoga has to offer.

Tara's background as a school teacher is evident in her encouraging manner which helps students to relax and creates a warm environment for learning.

Her clarity of instruction ensures students can practice safely to the best of their ability. She has a keen eye for detail and alignment and often works intuitively to offer students suitable modifications which best suit their body or energy level on the given day.

Tara is dedicated to sharing the physical and mental benefits of yoga with people of all athletic abilities and backgrounds. She is a certified Dru Yoga Teacher, is registered with The Yoga Alliance and carries full comprehensive insurance.

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